Restorative Dentistry in National City

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Restorative Dentistry

At NexGen Dentistry, Dr. Yavari is here to help you restore your smile if you’re suffering from a cavity, an infected tooth, or even a damaged or broken tooth. We can also help replace missing teeth, restoring your smile, your bite, and your self-confidence. Learn more about your options for restorative care below, or contact us now to schedule a consultation at our office in National City.

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Treatment for Cavities

Composite Fillings

At our office, we use composite fillings to treat cavities. These tooth-colored fillings are built using a blend of crushed glass and dental resin, and are designed to look just like your natural tooth enamel. This means they provide better cosmetic results, compared to metal fillings. Composite fillings also require less tooth preparation and can bond tightly to your natural enamel, providing them with great durability.

Care for Infected Teeth

Root Canal Therapy

We offer both anterior (front) and posterior (rear) root canal therapy. Also known as a root canal for short, root canal therapy is a treatment used to restore infected teeth. In this process, an opening is created in the tooth. Then, Dr. Yavari removes infected pulp from the inside of your tooth. 

The tooth is then sanitized and filled with an inert material, and protected with a filling or a crown. This eliminates the infection, and restores the natural shape and function of your tooth. Early intervention with root canal therapy helps stop the pain and discomfort of an infected tooth, and also prevents further complications like tooth loss.

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Restore Damaged Teeth

Lab-Made Dental Crowns

We provide our patients with high-quality lab-made dental crowns. Crowns are ideal for restoring large cavities, protecting teeth after root canal therapy, and covering up teeth that have been cracked or damaged by an oral injury.

By trimming your tooth and covering it up with a natural, tooth-shaped dental crown, Dr. Yavari can restore both your smile and your bite, and prevent any further complications such as tooth decay and tooth infection. 

Replace Missing Teeth

Dental Bridges

A dental bridge uses two dental crowns that attach to 2 healthy teeth in your mouth, next to the gap caused by a missing tooth. Then, a dental bridge is built with a false tooth (pontic) that is suspended between these two crowns.

With a bridge, you can easily replace 1 or more missing teeth and restore your smile. Bridges don’t move or shift, unlike partial dentures, and they do not require oral surgery, unlike dental implants.

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Sleep Through Your Appointment

Sedation Options at NexGen

At NexGen Dentistry, we offer general anesthesia as our primary sedation method. With general anesthesia, you will be completely unconscious throughout your entire procedure. This means you won’t feel any pain, discomfort, or anxiety. If you are nervous about the idea of oral surgery and restorative dentistry, our team is here to help with general anesthesia in National City.

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