Laser Therapy in National City

Pain-Free Dental Care

Laser Therapy

At NexGen Dentistry, we use the latest dental tools to provide our patients with the best dental care in National City. This includes pain-free dental care using soft tissue lasers. With soft tissue lasers, Dr. Yavari can provide you with a more comfortable dental experience when taking biopsies, treating cold sores, and more. Read on to learn more about laser therapy, or contact NexGen Dentistry now to schedule an appointment.

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Understanding the Basics

Soft Tissue Laser Dentistry

Our soft tissue lasers are specifically designed to be effective at treating any condition involving the lips, gums, tongue, cheeks, and other soft tissue of the mouth. With laser dentistry, we do not have to use tools like scalpels, scrapers, and other invasive traditional dental tools while treating issues related to your oral soft tissues.

A few treatments that we use soft tissue lasers for include biopsies of lesions that could be cancerous, deep cleaning (scaling & root planing) for gingivitis and gum disease, frenectomies for tongue and lip ties, and cold sore treatment. 

If you think you could benefit from laser therapy in National City, don’t wait. We offer expert care with the latest dental tools, and Dr. Yavari is always accepting new patients. Contact us now for more information, and to get an appointment at our office.

Seamlessly Eliminate Discomfort

Laser Treatment for Cold Sores

If you suffer from regular cold sores in National City, laser treatment for cold sores from NexGen Dentistry may be the best option for you. In this treatment, the cold sore is exposed to powerful laser light while it’s still forming, which helps it dry up and heal much faster. This also relieves you from the discomfort of a cold sore.

In addition, regular laser treatment for cold sores helps prevent the sore from recurring in the same area, which helps stop future breakouts and ensures you can avoid painful, unsightly cold sores in the future.

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Modern, Pain-Free Procedures

The Benefits of Laser Therapy

 Laser therapy has a number of great benefits. First, lasers are virtually pain-free. During a biopsy, for example, the powerful laser vaporizes tissue on contact, and quickly seals any nerve endings that may have been damaged during the procedure. This helps eliminate pain. Typically, you don’t even need to have your mouth numbed when you’re having treatment with laser therapy. 

In the same way, laser therapy minimizes bleeding and helps encourage faster healing of your oral tissues. This is because the laser “cauterizes” the tissue it touches on contact. Basically, the high heat seals the tissue which prevents bleeding, and helps it heal more quickly. Because of this, sutures are not generally required after laser therapy. 

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, laser instruments and tools are extremely precise. In most cases, it’s possible to provide soft tissue treatments more quickly and with greater precision, compared to using traditional dental tools like scalpels. This provides you with a better overall level of care.

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