Your Child Has a Loose Tooth?

When your child loses their first tooth, it is a new experience for them that should be fun rather than scary. To make it fun, prepare them to understand that losing their baby teeth is normal and a sign of them becoming an adult. When a tooth is wiggly, help your child to naturally have it fall out by providing foods such as small carrot and celery slices. Be sure it is wiggly enough before eating hard foods to help the tooth fall out. If at any point, the tooth is painful, do not delay visiting a pediatric dentist.

It is also not encouraged to take baby teeth out too early because they set the foundation for the adult teeth to come in properly as well as help develop your child's speech and facial structure. For more information on how to help your child when their teeth are falling out, contact us at NexGen Dentistry in National City, California to speak to our pediatric dentist on other ways to help your child.

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