Why do I need dental x-ray?

X-rays are dental images to capture the deep parts of the oral cavity such as the root of the tooth and facial bones. Without these images, a dentist cannot see important structures that often serve as areas of arising infection. To diagnose properly, a dentist must review a patient's x-rays and check the oral cavity visually as well. Both serve to present the dentist and the patient with a full understanding of the patient's oral health.

A common concern patients may have is the amount of radiation a patient is exposed to with dental x-rays. Luckily, the dosage smaller than the level of radiation we receive from the sunlight each day due to the advancements made in dental technology as well as the protective gear used to protect patients. These two advancements reduce the dosage as well. Additionally, full mouth x-rays are typically captured every few years. If you would like an oral exam, contact NexGen Dentistry in NationalCity, CA to ensure your x-rays and routine dental care is up to date.

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