When Should I start flossing for my child?

After establishing proper tooth brushing, flossing should also begin at a young age. By learning how to floss properly early on, your child is more likely to continue the habit for the rest of their life. Brushing alone is not enough because it cleans part of the tooth. Flossing cleans in between the teeth top revent trapping any bacteria in between the teeth that may lead to decay and cavities.

The best time to begin flossing is when your child's teeth are beginning to become close to one another. Begin by first flossing your child's teeth with a gentle and soft string of floss. Then, have them try to do it under your supervision until they are flossing properly on their own. Slight bleeding may occur initially, but should not persist. If bleeding persists, bring your child in for a check-up at NexGen Dentistry in National City, California. Regular check-ups at your child's pediatric dentist will maintain their oral health and ensure proper development.

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