What happens in 1st Dental Visit for my child?

Children are recommended to visit a dentist by their first birthday or when their first tooth erupts. This allows the child to be exposed to the dental office environment lessening their anxiety about going to the dentist later in life. A pediatric dentist will check for proper development of the child's facial structure, educate on the damage that habits like finger-sucking cause to the oral cavity, and inform the parent of how to properly clean the child's mouth.

The first visit is normally 30 minutes with a gentle cleaning to remove plaque. Afterward, the dentist will show you how to properly brush and floss at home to ensure bacteria do not accumulate and cause cavities in between the dental visits. This also instills the importance of brushing and flossing to your child at an early age encouraging them to form healthy habits for the rest of their life. To bring in your child for their visit, visit us at NexGen Dentistry in National City, California.

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