Tooth sensitivity

Many patients experience discomfort from tooth sensitivity. Lots of factors can be attributed to causing tooth sensitivity. To name a few, it can occur from the types of foods and drinks a patient intakes daily as well as their brushing technique and amount of daily stress. Acidic foods and drinks like lemons or soda are known to erode the top layer of the tooth called enamel. This thins out the enamel and leads to the tooth's nerves to be more exposed to the outside world causing them to become sensitive.

Brushing too hard may deteriorate your gums and lead to gum recession exposing the tooth more. Stress also plays a factor because stress can push the patient to grind and clench more often which also leads to teeth sensitivity. Lastly, some patients may suffer from systemic conditions such as acid reflux. The acid causes teeth to thin out and results in teeth becoming sensitive. To prevent teeth sensitivity, try using toothpaste made for sensitive teeth with a toothbrush that has soft bristles and avoid acidic foods and drinks. Reduce stress as well and if you may suffer from a systemic condition, visit NexGen Dentistry in National City, California to speak to our dentist on how to reduce the symptoms of the systemic condition impacting your oral health.

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