Is tooth whitening harmful?

A common esthetic request of many patients is achieving a bright smile. There are multiple methods to whiten teeth, but not all are recommended or safe. Some may cause more harm than brighten your smile. The enamel is the top layer of the tooth and the hardest substance in the body over bone. Enamel is not a living tissue; therefore, once it is damaged, it cannot repair on its own. To prevent damage, do not use commercialized teeth whitening agents such as whitening toothpaste with charcoal. This will be abrasive to your teeth and lead to eroding the enamel leading to sensitivity and reducing the strength of your teeth.

Instead, use in-office whitening solution where the dentist isolates your gums to ensure they are protected from any chemical burns due to a higher bleaching content in the whitening solution. At home teeth whitening option includes whitening gel strips. The content of the gel is not too strong; therefore, it is safe to use at home with no gum isolation. If you may experience sensitivity, stop using the strips and contact NexGen Dentistry in National City, California to speak to our dentist about ways to minimize sensitivity while whitening your teeth.

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