Is nitrous gas safe

Nitrous oxide is commonly known as "Laughing Gas" is an anesthetic that is breathed in by the patient through a mask. The gas is nitrogen and oxygen. This is typically used for patients who are anxious and fearful of visiting the dental office. Patients who have a disability can also benefit from nitrous oxide. Nitrous oxide makes it easier for the patient to tolerate treatment. Once the treatment is over, it takes a few minutes for the anesthetic to wear off. Nitrous oxide is often recommended for children who do not tolerate the dentist to prevent them from being fearful about visiting the dentist for the rest of their lives.

If a patient is pregnant, it is recommended to avoid use of nitrous oxide to avoid potential harm to the fetus. If you are anxious about visiting the dentist or your child is, contact us to learn more about the use of nitrous oxide during dental procedures at NexGen Dentistry in National City, CA.

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