Do baby teeth need to be treated?

A big misconception regarding baby teeth is that there is no need to treat them because they will fall off. This idea is not right because baby teeth are important for their speech development, nutrition, reducing chances of getting sick by preventing infection in their mouth, and baby teeth with cavities will impact the adult teeth from growing healthy. Usually, if a child does not form healthy oral hygiene habits with their baby teeth, they will most likely continue to not brush and floss regularly when their adult teeth come in as well. Taking care of baby teeth sets up the foundation for adult teeth to come in properly.

To tell if your child is suffering from untreated baby teeth, listen to any complaints of pain they may have from eating, any bleeding from brushing, and any dark areas on their teeth. To know best if your child suffers from decayed teeth, visit us at NexGen Dentistry in National City for a check-up with our knowledgeable pediatric dentist.

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