A healthy diet for your child’s teeth

Nutrition directly impacts the development of your child as well as their oral health. For example, snacking on sugary snacks will increase your child's chance of becoming diabetic and tooth decay. What affects the body will also affect their teeth. To ensure your child is receiving a healthy diet, include in their meals a portion of vegetables, protein, and grains. When they are craving a sweet treat, provide them with fruit instead of candy or soda. Water is the best choice of beverage, but milk and juice in limited quantities are okay to be given to your child sporadically.

After an hour, be sure to brush and floss to ensure their mouth is clean before bed. For babies who sip on milk, do not leave their cup of milk in their hands when going to bed. To prevent cavities, wipe their mouth with a wet cloth to remove any excess milk. To learn more on how to better your child's daily nutrition and oral health, set up an appointment to speak to our knowledgeable pediatric dentist at NexGen Dentistry in National City, CA.

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