5 Tips To Ease Your Child’s Fear Of The Best Pediatric Dentist San Diego

It’snormal for children to feel a bit anxious about their first visit to the bestpediatric dentist San Diego. After all, the dentist’s office is a newenvironment with different sounds, unfamiliar people, and unfamiliar tools!

Kidsbeing scared of the dentist is totally normal and expected – and it probably showsthat you’re doing a good job of teaching your child not to dive headfirst intothe unfamiliar. Even though, just because it’s normal that your child is afraidof going to the dentist, it doesn’t mean that nothing can be done to make yourchild more relaxed. There are several ways you can help your child overcometheir fear of going to the dentist!

Hereare 5 ways to help ease your child’s dental anxiety:

1.      Explain the importance ofthe regular visit to the dentist

Ifyour child doesn’t know why they need to visit the dentist, it’ll be a lot tougherto get them to the dentist’s office. Consider viewing your child’s pictures ofbeautiful, healthy smiles that result from regular care and maintenance. Try toexplain to your child that their dentist is for their own betterment! Dentistsare there to help children with beautiful smiles and keep teeth healthy for alifetime.

2.      Explain the simplicity of theprocess

Ifyou create an optimistic narrative around dental check-ups, your child is more expectedto think the dentist is a positive experience. Try narrating the process as asimple check-up, where their dentist ‘counts’ each tooth (not examines) and‘cleans the sugar’ from it (not scraping).

Usingpositive words that portray children’s dentistry of San Diego visits asmore of an experience than a duty can create the idea that the dentist is fun,not frightening.

3.      Reward after dental visits

Oneof the most effective ways to communicate to your child how not to be scared ofthe best pediatric dentist San Diego is by gratifying them after asuccessful visit. Tell your child ahead of time that a reward is there to lookforward to after the dentist’s office! The reward could be a new toy, extratime with football, or an extra episode of their favorite show.

Whateveryour child’s encouraging factor may be, try pleasing them with it after theirdentist visit to create a positive association with the dentist. When the timecomes to visit the dentist again, your child’s fear of the dentist may be swappedwith excitement for the dentist – because now they know that a successful visitmeans a reward is coming!

4.      Do a mock

Anotherway to relax your child’s fear of the dentist is by doing a mock dentist visitat home. Get a little creative and use your fancy to ‘clean’ and ‘check’ yourchild’s teeth with their toothbrush or the end of a floss stick, so he or sheis a little more acquainted with the examination and cleaning procedure.

Revealyour own dentist visits and show how your dentist characteristically cleans yourteeth. Knowing that their mom or dad goes to dental visits too can assist yourchild in feeling more contented before their visit!

5.      Use books or videos, tofamiliarize the process

Thereare plenty of kids’ books that you can read to your child and show friendlyillustrations to assist them to get over their fear of the children’sdentistry of San Diego. If their favorite book character or YouTube charactergoes to the dentist too, then it can’t be so bad!

It’s important that we nurture an environmentthat makes children feel comfortable and safe. Explaining the process inchild-friendly words can make children feel relaxed!

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